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Corporate Advisory

<strong>Buy/Sell and Key Person Funding</strong>

Buy/Sell and Key Person Funding

As a business owner, you’ve taken risks and worked hard to establish a successful business.  In many cases the value of the business may comprise the largest part of your net worth. If you have partners or key employees how do you preserve that value and the freedom to operate the business as you see fit in the event of a death or disabling illness or injury? 

Weaver, Ware & Martin can help evaluate your company’s buy/sell arrangements and the funding that supports them.  

Properly structured, buy/sell and or key person insurance is an important asset for the company. It provides liquidity, allows for an orderly succession process and protects the company’s value for both the owner’s beneficiaries and the employees that work in the  business. 

<strong>Qualified and Non Qualified Plans</strong>

Qualified and Non Qualified Plans

To be competitive,  a company must offer benefit plans including a robust retirement funding option.  For most companies that involves a 401(k) or other similar “qualified” plan under ERISA.  In certain circumstances a business may want to offer special “non-qualified” incentives to attract or retain certain highly compensated or key employees.  

However today’s regulatory environment is a demanding one and the liabilities to corporate plan sponsors can be significant.  Its important that the plan be designed and structured properly and that it comply with Department of Labor and IRS requirements.  You need expert assistance in this area which Weaver, Ware & Martin can provide. We know the rules and the market, and advise on a variety of corporate retirement plans for over 40 businesses with a nine figure asset base.  We can help you evaluate and ensure that your plan and the underlying investments are structured properly and operate efficiently.